Nice to see you!

Three major events occurred for me last year (2010), all in the space of about 2 weeks. I turned 50. The following day I got married. Two weeks later, my oldest daughter became pregnant with her first child and my first grandchild.

Most middle-aged people will tell you that in their minds, they still feel 20 something. It's the same for me.

Wasn't it only yesterday that I was planning a night out with guys from the surf club? That gorgeous new perm. Flaired, cuffed denims and the red t-shirt with the off-the-shoulder frill. Corked platform wedgies. **sigh**

Suddenly I'm looking in the mirror and wondering how 30 years can flash by so damned quickly!

So here I am in cyberspace, sharing my genuine shock and horror with anyone who'll listen and maybe I'll even meet some other over 50s who find themselves in the same predicament!

Welcome to my dilemna!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Humpety Hump Day

How lucky that we've been able to locate three of the four people whose transactions didn't go through our card reader properly yesterday!

It means that we are only $27 down now. We can live with that.

We had an incredibly busy day today. We met some interesting people and our patience was stretched a touch by one or two of them. The Little Mermaid was feeling and sounding fiery. We sold a lot of Cenzoni handbags, including one that I thought would never sell!

Luckily, another delivery of Cenzoni bags arrived in purple and black - they seem to be very popular colours.

I sold another photo! Woot! Woot!

I left the shop at 5pm after I'd priced my new photos, answered some freaky phone calls - prerecorded messages that were set to play when I answered the phone - one of them wouldn't allow me to hang up until it finished (I pressed the button to hang up and nothing happened)!!

I served a late customer and then packed up to go home.

I got about a third of the way home and then had this uneasy feeling that the back door to the shop was unlocked, so I turned around and rode back to the shop. When I tested the door, sure enough, it was unlocked!! 

It can't be locked from the outside, so I had to unlock the front door, walk through the shop, lock it from the inside and then leave through the front door again. 

I rode home and as I pulled into the garage, I realised that I'd left the cash box behind, so Adoring Husband drove me back to the shop to get it.

I seem to spend a lot of time back tracking these days!

I made an easy dinner of crispy skinned chicken and salad and that was it for me.

It's now 10pm and I'm off to bed.

Nite all.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

I Did a Woopsie

It's been a big day full of learning experiences and fun.

Learning how to use our card reader for transactions, I made a mistake and accidentally gave away $75 worth of purchases. That was a big whoopsie.

We've figured it out now, so there won't be any more mistakes. Ugh.

I've set up my new email for the business ... if you want to contact me for any 'Happy Abode' business, my email is

Adoring Husband picked up my photos from the framer and they all look fantastic, so tomorrow, I'll be pricing them and figuring out how and where to display them.

We've received almost all of our stock now and have rearranged some displays to fit everything in while trying to avoid the 'cluttered' look. I think we've done well, though it's always fun rearranging displays, so they'll probably happen often.

There were a lot of customers today. Tourists as well as some locals and also my girls who came for coffee all had a little fun shopping themselves.

The Little Mermaid made an appearance or two. The young girls came in once and bought a button.

I did have a good night's sleep last night, but I am feeling very tired again tonight and it's almost 11pm, so I'm heading to bed right now.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Nite all.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Just Like Christmas

We had boxes and boxes of stock arrive today at the shop ... it was just like Christmas!

The term 'retail therapy' takes on a whole new meaning now.

Every box is full of smaller boxes and in every smaller box is a wonderful surprise!

We each buy stock separately and we both choose items that we would buy for ourselves and have in our own homes if money and space were unlimited. We also both have very different taste, which works out well because we know that our shop will appeal to different people.

I received a box of new snap button coin purses (the owl, the bird cages and the floral on bottom right) ...

... and here is a selection of other stock that came in, but these photos don't include the the stock that arrived right on closing time.

We had lots of tourists in our shop today, with lots of kids in tow. We had two young girls in the shop for most of the day because they love the shop and one of them wants to work for us when she's old enough to work!

The Little Mermaid made an appearance and we even had a few locals who only just found out that we are in existence ... all of whom said they would return when 1. they didn't have their husband in tow 2. after the grandkids go home 3. when they have more time to spend looking around.

All of them said "This is just what Burrum needs"

I get a thrill every time I hear those words and I know that The Motivator feels the same way.

I've been awake since 2.17am. 

I have no idea why I woke up or why I couldn't go back to sleep, but it's now 8pm and I'm feeling very very weary, so I believe that I will be in bed before 9pm and hopefully will sleep solidly all night.

I'm looking forward to coffee with the girls in the morning. After that we will probably spend the entire day pricing the new stock! Maybe we'll be so busy, we won't have time to price the new stock!

Anyway, that's enough from me.

Nite all.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Halfway There

It started as a lazy Sunday morning and I didn't get out of bed until 11am, which was just divine. I even did a little meditating before I rose, because I could feel my brain starting to work overtime - and I didn't want to think about work today.

I got dressed and Adoring Husband showed me what he had been up to - cleaning out the back bedroom, a lot of which was now in the family room for me to sort through, which I did in a half hearted fashion, after I had cleaned out the fridge.

My next chore was the main toilet and the bathroom.

Adoring Husband went to the fish and chip shop for our lunch, so I was only halfway through the bathroom when he returned with a late lunch. Grilled Barramundi with chips and salad. I made a delicious salad of asian greens, tomato, roasted capsicum, cucumber, mango, avocado, onion and feta cheese. It was perfect.

Once I sat down, it was going to take a miracle to get me back up, which did not occur, so the. bathroom is still not finished and I have a washing machine full of clothes to hang out. I guess my Sunday will have a busy end before bed.

This afternoon when AH decided to have a beer, he asked if I'd like a drink, but there was no vodka and no tonic water so we rummaged through the cupboards and found a small bottle of tequila, and a bottle of grenadine. Luckily there were some oranges in the fridge, so I juiced them and made a Tequila Sunrise!!

Quite enjoyable, but halfway through it, I realised that I had no desire for alcohol, so it seemed like a wasted effort. Ah well.

I've enjoyed sitting on the couch watching a marathon of Batman movies starting with the 1992 movie with Michael Keaton as Batman and followed by the 1995 Batman Forever with Val Kilmer as Batman. I lost interest when the George Clooney Batman started.

Now, I'm wondering how soon I can get to bed tonight so that I can be up bright and early to welcome the holiday crowds into the shop. Ha!

I am happy!

Nite all.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

I Wonder?

How long do you think it will take to create a new schedule/routine that is manageable?

I'm feeling a little bit overwhelmed and somewhat time poor at the moment.

I have messes to clean up at home. I'm falling behind in my 'to do' list at work. Our work hours are erratic while we establish the business and of course, you can't predict when customers will enter the premises or how long they will stay or how much attention each individual requires or how distracting they will be.

While our shop 'to do' list is a priority, so are our other work commitments, as are our home commitments and our social commitments.

Finding a balance is the trick and that, no doubt, will take time.

We are both looking forward to having Sunday away from the shop, but our day off won't be relaxing because we both have other important chores to attend to.

Just to clarify ... I am definitely NOT complaining! Just trying to figure it all out so that life can run smoothly and stress free. Not just for me, but for Adoring Husband too - especially as we inch closer to his big birthday bash and our attention will need to be shared between our very important guests (being family and beloved friends that we don't get to see very often).

There is much organising and house rearranging to do prior to the big event! Slowly but surely ... small steps.

The work day, today,  started with The Motivator planting beautiful flowers in our front garden after she and The Fisher King dug out all the dead plants and grasses last night. While she did that, I vacuumed the shop and put out our signs.

It's the first day of the September school holidays in Queensland and as soon as the doors opened, the shop was busy with holiday makers, some of whom come every year, some of whom grew up in the area and are returning and some of whom are first timers.

There were lots of interesting conversations with our customers about the history of our town, who they went to school with, who they know in the area from the old days and the things they enjoyed doing when the town was much smaller.

Everybody had good things to say about the shop and we had a successful Saturday morning, remaining open until well after 2pm, instead of closing at midday as planned. Quite a few of our customers said that they would return next week.

Luckily we still have stock arriving next week, because if it continues to move at this pace, we will be empty by the end of next week!

Like I always said "I LOVE tourists!" haha

Anyway, it's almost midnight and I need sleep. I intend to enjoy a very lazy and slow start to the day tomorrow.

Nite all.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Neeeeeed Sleeeeep

It's been a big day.

All up, we probably had about 35 - 40 people through the doors. There were early morning sales and names taken for the courses in the afternoon.  Photography and journalling seem to be the most popular at the moment.

The afternoon was spent ... um ... I guess you could say 'networking' 'promoting' 'connecting' with lots of customers who will return next week to foster/nurture our relationship.

The Motivator was out of the shop for the afternoon at an appointment and I was kept busy by the people.

I could hear the alcoholic beverages calling me by the time I got home this afternoon.

We had lots of new stock arrive today and there will be more coming next week, along with more of my photos to display.

It's just like Christmas when the stock arrives! We can never remember everything that we ordered, so as we unpack it, it's always a thrill to see what we've got to display.

We know that 64 people will be checking into holiday rental houses this weekend, so hopefully they are here for the holidays and ready to spend their money in our shop!

I'm off to bed because I neeeeeeed sleeeeeeeep.

Nite all.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

A Bit Discombobulated

Both The Motivator and I were feeling a bit discombobulated today and weren't really managing our day very well at all.

I spent the morning negotiating a late (by 9 hours) inclusion of our ad in the local newsletter, but I won't know how successful I was until Monday. It was not a pleasant process and I was left feeling a bit blurgh by the end of it.

Having written a full page story over two days to go with our ad, I had to quickly redesign the ad to fit a smaller space and then negotiate a permanent ad space for future issues.

I phoned a man about some signs and he hasn't bothered to respond, so it's time to research other signage options.

We met with a few customers, a couple of people gave us their names for courses, The Little Mermaid paid us a visit with a friend, The Motivator covered a few chairs, we discussed how to hang my photos and at 3pm Adoring Husband drove me into The Bay to have some new photos printed - but I realised at the last moment that I didn't have the photos on my USB stick as I thought, so I had to spend the entire trip with my laptop open on my lap, desperately searching for the photos, which just so happened to be on my OTHER laptop.


Luckily, I was able to access some different photos to print, in place of the ones I wanted.

Tonight I've searched both laptops and put a lot of my photos onto the USB stick so that in future, I will have all of my photos in one place for when I need to print.

We didn't spend much time in The Bay. AH ran some errands while I was organising my photos and he will drive into town tomorrow to pick up the prints and take them to the framer for mat boards.

We had to get home so that AH could go to SES training, which meant that we still didn't get everything on my list. I guess the door mat can wait til our next trip into The Bay.

Right now, it's gone past 11pm, so I'm off to bed.

Tomorrow is going to be amazing and there will be no discombobulation!

Nite all.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

An Oily Day

Sadly, our favourite holiday makers have left town.

I guess it's time for the next influx as the school holidays begin next week!

We are running low on stock, so hopefully all of the lovely things that we ordered last week will be here by next week, otherwise people will be very disappointed when they walk into the shop.

We had another good day today with a steady flow of friends and customers through the door.

The Motivator spent a few hours in The Bay organising paint for the training room and buying up on some more stock items.

I had a visit from the wonderful Sex Therapist and her husband the Lab Man. I haven't seen them for about 3 years, so I felt quite emotional when I saw them walking towards the shop. We spent a bit over an hour sitting in our lounge area, catching up on all of our news.

By then, Stephanie, the LeReve lady arrived and it was time to rearrange things to fit her products,  make room for our guests and prepare some nibbles.

The party started about 30 minutes later than planned due to a couple of late comers, but it was a success and we made a couple of bookings for more parties.

With all of that action today, we didn't leave the shop until around 5.30pm.

I brought home the nibbles that didn't get eaten and Adoring Husband ate a plate full of carrot sticks, green beans, celery, capsicum and cucumber, little blocks of cheese, rice crackers and a big bowl of freshly made guacamole for dinner! Very healthy, but very lazy on my behalf haha.

Currently, my mission in life is to remember to take photos of all the activity that happens in the shop - but so far, the only event that I've remembered to photograph is our launch party. I've really got to get my act together.

I think another good idea is to ask our customers to let me take their photo with their purchases, to post onto our Facebook page and then at the end of the month, draw one of their names to win a $10 voucher for the shop.

I still have so much to do. My 'to do' list has only had one item ticked off this week!

Busy Busy Busy.

I'm off to bed.

Nite all.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


I need to drink more water.

I haven't been drinking enough since we opened the shop.

My big plan for this morning was to go to work early and have some time to vacuum the floors and get some work done - design and order our signs, write the story for the next newsletter etc.

My big plan was thwarted at about 2.30am.

I was woken by the effects of raw chocolate (very similar to caffeine) and it kept me awake until almost 4am. Then, just as I was dozing off, the dogs decided they'd like to go outside for a toilet break. THAT was annoying.

I was asleep soon after 4.20am .

Adoring Husband's alarm woke me at 4.45am ... because he had trouble turning it off ... so it went on and on and on.

I fell back to sleep and woke at 7.10am.

My morning consisted solely of Adoring Husband huffing and puffing all over the house desperately searching for his glasses and then for a set of keys. Totally destroyed my morning and stressed me to the max. I'm relating this story in the blog for everyone to read so that he feels guilty ... just so you know. Haha.

By the time I got to work, just a little bit late, I was not at all in the right frame of mind to do anything and I was annoyed that I didn't get to work early to do all the things on my big plan.

Luckily for me, it was coffee morning with the girls, so even though the numbers were low, I got to spend a lovely hour and a bit giggling and chatting and enjoying the company of some of my favourite people in the lounge area of the shop.

We met some new customers today and had our first big burley man buy a secret gift for his partner, which was just a little bit nice.

Our treatment room got a workout. The Motivator covered a chair (very well I might add). I wrote the story for the newsletter. We ordered more stock. We had a meeting. We left work at about 4pm.

I'm going to try again for an early start tomorrow, to do all the things in my big plan from today.

Tomorrow at 2pm we are having a LeReve Fragrance and Essential Oil party. So I need to bring nibbles and I'm looking forward to seeing Best Cousin in the World and have her see what we've done with the shop since she was last here.

Right now, it's almost 9.30pm and that's about my time to go to bed.

Nite all.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Up and Away!

An amazing day at The Happy Abode today.

Many holiday makers who are returning home this week came in to spend all of their money before they leave lol - of course we were very appreciative!

Business owners who attended our launch on Sunday afternoon, came in this morning and also spent their money!

We received such good feedback from everyone, via phone calls and with personal visits, about how much they love the shop, it's energy and atmosphere and about our launch party. Every day gets better and better.

This weeks priority is finishing the design of our signs and ordering them. Writing up our story for the next newsletter. I also have to follow up getting us into 'The Independent' newspaper. THEN I have to design the photography course.

The Motivator and I held a GSD meeting on the beach this morning before work and wrote out a list of our priorities for the week, but then we got to work and were flat out with customers until lunch time!

Our GSD lists will be slow going at this rate.

Adoring Husband and I had a meeting at the Bowls Club this afternoon to discuss the menu for his 60th birthday bash in October. We left the shop at 3.10pm and were back at the shop by 3.35pm. That's how quick and easy our meeting was. We got exactly what we wanted for an excellent price, so we're all set.

The other big deal today, was a huge bushfire on the outskirts of town. The roads were closed and 40 homes were evacuated while 16 fire crews fought the fires and back burned to stop it from spreading. It was very scary for a while, but luckily, no homes or lives were lost.

This is how close it got to some homes ...

The fires are still burning, but the SES is no longer required because the fire fighters have moved on up the road.

I had big plans to be in bed by 9.30pm tonight, but AH was out supporting the fieries, and only got home at 9.30pm so I made him some dinner and now we realise how late it is and both need to climb into bed.

So it's good night from me!

Nite all.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happiness at The Happy Abode

I love my friends.

Lady Lynn, Reality TV Queen, Old Speckled Hen, The Whinging Pom and Maid Marian are always here to support me during my highest and lowest moments. They make me feel warm and fuzzy and I know that they don't all read this blog, but to those of you who do ... thank you so much for being with me today. I can't tell you what it means to me. I love you all.

Others like Rebel Mardi, Tweedle Dee, Woman of Many Talents and The Blonde Bombshell were not able to be here because of other commitments, but you were all sorely missed.

It was nice to meet some new people, including a couple of new customers who we invited during the week. Other business owners came along to support us, which was a lovely surprise.

We even made some sales, including five of my photos!! That was the last thing that I expected and was completely blown away by the enthusiasm and positive comments about my work.

Today was definitely good for my ego.

The best part was sharing the love with my Biz Partner, The Motivator, and with Adoring Husband and the Fisher King.

I honestly feel on top of the world and I know the our future will be bright and successful because we fill our shop with love and we love what we do. It's a no brainer really!

Five others expressed an interest in the photography courses too! That could just give me the numbers to get started ... now to get that training room up to scratch!

Anyway, here are a few pics of the day. We even had a lucky door prize, which was a $50 voucher to spend in our shop :)

Now, I am absolutely exhausted and need to sleep!

Nite all.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Counting Down

By the time you read this, it will be LAUNCH DAY!

We opened the shop this morning at 9am.

The Motivator created a gazillion 'The Happy Abode' signs and stapled them to every upright post in town. She created an A-Frame sign to position at our shop driveway and having done that, she created a trail of signs for people to follow.

It was like a humane rat trap! Haha!

Our customer numbers rose considerably for the day.

We also have the young lady who works at the bakery to thank, because she came for a quick visit after I handed her the invitation to our launch party and then returned to work and told every female customer to visit our lovely shop!

I locked the door at midday and The Motivator and I spent some time tidying up and rearranging displays in preparation for the launch.

At some point The Motivator unlocked the door to go outside for something and forgot to lock it when she returned. A couple of ladies made their way through the doors asking if we were open, and we told them that we weren't but they were welcome to come in for a look.

They spent a LOT of money while they were there and declared that they would be back before the end of their holiday.

I guess that now I am a business owner, I have to change my tune and declare my love for tourists instead of complaining about them. We will be relying on them to keep our business operating successfully throughout the year.

Anyway, I have much to do tomorrow in preparation for the launch party, as well as catching up on some housework and some washing. I have no idea what I'm going to wear! So that will take a good hour of the day!

Right now, it's 11.30pm and I need to get some sleep.

I'll see some of you today for champagne and nibbles!

Nite all.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Wonderful People

The world is full of wonderful people.

Each of those wonderful people has a story to tell.

I wish I could sit every one of them down and write or record their stories, because most of them are truly inspiring. Many of them have overcome real adversity. Many of them have really stepped up to the plate and created something wonderful from dire situations.

It's really interesting how different people deal with similar situations. Some educate themselves and become empowered enough to make strong decisions that bring positive change to their lives so that their futures look brighter.

Others feel defeated, stick with their limiting beliefs, give up,  and their lives become stagnant while they wait their situation out, and most of the time, nothing good comes from that.

It makes you wonder.

We have only been open for two weeks, but our shop has attracted many new people through the doors and some of those people share their stories. There have been some 'wow' moments.

Not only are we working in a lovely space, but we are meeting amazing new people every day!

I love it.

We still have much to do.

We hope to at least make a start on covering the training room chairs tomorrow. Even to cover one or two will be a start.

But then ... wouldn't it be great if we were so busy serving customers, that there is no time to cover chairs ha!

Our launch party is on Sunday afternoon between 4pm and 6pm. We have lots of champagne and plenty of nibbly food to keep everybody happy. There will be music (not live) and lots of happy, smiling faces. I'm looking forward to it.

I MUST remember to take my camera!

Anyway, it's approaching 11pm and I have to be up bright and early tomorrow morning. I have to meet someone at the markets at around 7am and then deliver some invitations, as well as post some signs around to attract the market goers to our shop.

So, until tomorrow ...

Nite all.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brain Explosions

Why does everything take so long?

Every process has itself, a process that requires approval, which in turn requires time.

We applied for our business bank account on 25th August. It took more than a week for them to send us all the information/paperwork required to access our online account, even though they told us it would be ready by the following Monday.

Once we finally had that organised, we linked our card reader to our devices, so that we could have eftpos and credit card facilities for our customers, only to discover that it will take ANOTHER week for the bank account to be linked to the card reader!

Seriously, in this day and age! It's crazy!

Despite these frustrations, life is still happy at The Happy Abode :)

We had yet more happy visitors today, including the manic Little Mermaid.

Our brains hurt from trying to GSD and at the end of the day, we drove into The Bay to buy food and alcohol for our launch party on Sunday.

Now my brain is hurting from trying to organise a private event on Facebook where I can invite only special people to our launch party on Sunday .. it's just not working for me, so I'm going to take a break, get a good night's sleep and try again tomorrow.

Oh, Adoring Husband drove into The Bay today and picked up my photos from the framer who put matt boards on them all. They look fantastic and I have a couple of favourites that I was very surprised about, so I can't wait to hang them properly in the shop - that might take a few more days yet.

Anyway, I'm off to bed.

Nite all.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Doing It

So, suddenly our launch party is only four sleeps away!

The last hour of the day at work was used to plan the launch, with an invitation list, a food and drink list, a shopping list, designing the invitation and more.

We do our best work under pressure.

There were not as many paying customers today, but the few who visited us were very happy and vibrant. We had a customer return for her third visit and we even had an elderly male pop in and buy a couple of gifts for family. That was a first!

It's after 11pm and I didn't get to sleep until late last night, so I'm feeling a touch weary right about now.

I spent about 90 minutes on the phone this afternoon, chatting for a while with Vegan Chickie and then Chicklet.

I was talking on the landline, and chicklet didn't understand that we can't do 'facetime' so she pressed all the right buttons and I had to go running to pic up my mobile so that I could accept her FaceTime request.

She took me into the bedroom and showed me how to play one of her iPad games 'monster legends'.

She took me into the toilet while she peed. That was interesting.

She took me on a 'bit of a tour of the place'.

I took her in to say hello to Poppy Barry.

I took her to say hello to each of the dogs.

I took her outside to say hello to SEB the cockatiel.

We counted the eggs that came out of the chook pen.

After about an hour, it was time for me to cook dinner, so I asked her to take the phone to Mama so that I could say goodbye. She was a bit sad that I had to go ... but this was the photo that Vegan Chickie sent me immediately after I said goodbye ...

I loved that hour with Chicklet. To hear her voice say "It's Bozzy Wozzy!!" and to hear her giggling her cheeky little head off brought me such joy. I miss her. I miss them both. They are too far away.

Nite all.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

That Happy Place

Today was amazing.

It was our best day yet as far as sales go.

But for me, today was all about the people.

The morning tea ladies all arrived in fine form and brought with them a happy and positive energy that lingered in the shop all day. After more than an hour of fun and frivolity and laughter, they wandered around the shop, some purchasing some of our wares and all leaving with a flourish!

The Tai Chi ladies arrived and were surprised and amazed at our wares. They spent a lot of time selecting just the right item to suit their personality, but some decided to come back later with friends.

The comment that still echoes in my mind is "This is just the sort of shop that the town needs!", which was uttered quite a few times today, but also ever since we opened the doors. It really tickles my fancy that the locals feel that way and I feel proud of us for being the ones to provide it.

More ladies came and went during the day, one even bringing with her, the outfit that she is wearing to a function this weekend, asking me to choose jewellery and a bag to suit. Oh my goodness! I'm now a stylist!!

There was much discussion about buying Christmas gifts for grandchildren and bringing family to the shop when they visit over the weekend. One lady plans to come in every week to buy a new button for her silver snap ring.

Another lady, who works nearby, dropped in during her lunch hour to buy a new handbag. One of her work mates asked me to hold a turquoise ring so that she can buy it for her daughter. Yet another lady put aside a bag that she wants to buy as a birthday gift for her daughter.

Everybody promised to spread the word and bring their visitors and return whenever they wanted or needed something new.

There was such a lot of positivity all day long and everybody wished us luck as they walked out the door.

I believe that tomorrow will also be a fabulous day.

We have IKEA flat packs to assemble, lights to install and signs to design and order, as well as chairs to begin re-covering - and that's just the beginning.

We are also hoping for a launch party this Sunday. Let's hope it all goes to plan. 

I'm off for an early night.

Nite all.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Beautiful Day

Thankfully, I was well enough to go to work this morning.

My nose is no longer running, but dripping occasionally, and is bearable. My sneezing has reduced considerably and I feel less hazy in my head.

I think it's a sign that this bug/virus is a strong one - I calculated that it was September 2011 the last time I caught a virus, so it's 6 yrs, not the 5yrs that I first thought. I'm happy with that record and I think it shows that my immune system is pretty strong.

Catching this virus should strengthen my immunity for the next few seasons.

It was a great day in the shop. There were a number of new customers and a visit by some friends, which is always lovely. It was quite an improvement on our opening day last Monday when we made $4 for the day!

I was even able to do the less enjoyable tasks of vacuuming and dusting, which surprisingly, I did actually enjoy!

Adoring Husband dropped in at lunch time, providing a delicious cold meat and salad. He even washed the dishes afterwards. What a man.

He arrived at the same time as The Little Mermaid, whose head was in a better place today, but it was still good to see her leave lol.

I found some more products that I'd like to put in the shop and registered with the companies to get their catalogues.

I found a fabulous place online to get my calendars printed.

Adoring Husband had a SES meeting tonight, so I didn't have to worry about cooking dinner. He left at 5.30pm and I caught up on some TV shows that I'd recorded.

I can't believe it's already 11pm.

I'm outta here.

Nite all.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Misery Guts

So ...

I have spent the day in bed.

I've used almost an entire box of tissues, sneezed my brains out, consumed litres of water, eaten lots of fruit loaded with VitC, had home made chicken soup, taken probiotics and kefir, had three doses of raw honey and gulped down some magnesium mix.

My nose feels like it might have dried up and cleared somewhat.

This evening, I changed the bedding and had a shower to wash the germs away. I almost feel human again!

I was a little bit productive in my sick bed by finishing the Facebook page for The Happy Abode and creating an Instagram account. I did some online training on 'product launches' which was interesting and researched places that print calendars.

I wasted a good deal of time creating a calendar, only to discover that the price was in US$ which was far more expensive than I expected! Stoopid sick brain!

Anyway, that's all for tonight. I need to sleep the germs away so that I can go to work tomorrow.

Nite all.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Testing the Waters

I knew that the Howard Markets were on and that River Heads were running a festival this morning, but I didn't know that Torbanlea were holding a big fete.

So with those three events in competition with opening our shop doors, I decided to do it anyway. I opened the doors between 9am and 12pm.

Only three people came into the shop and one of them was a new resident of Burrum Heads, and apparently, loosely related to The Fisher King! She is also a photographer with the same camera as the one I use, so we had quite a long and animated conversation about many things that we had in common, photography being just one of them.

So for that reason alone, I'm pleased to have opened the doors today!

I made two sales and had three visitors.

In the quiet time, I created a blog post for Romance Your Life with Roz. I still have some adjustments to make to the site. I've deleted all but my photography from the shop, and I still need to amend the shop page where I talk about the jewellery and journals that I'm selling. It's been quite a while since I updated any of the pages, so hopefully I will have a bit more time to devote to the site from here on in.

At midday, after I closed the blinds and locked the shop door, I danced through the shop, singing along with Barbra Streisand and whoever the male was that she was dueting with at the time, all the while thinking to myself "I LOVE this place!"

I posted this in Facebook this afternoon ...

So here's the story ...

Now that I'm a working girl, and Adoring Husband has his big birthday bash happening in approx 7 weeks, he's decided to Spring clean the entire house from top to bottom.

This week he did the family room and dining room. Today he started on the kitchen cupboards, emptying them out, cleaning the shelves, culling stuff we haven't used for a while and rearranging for more practical use.

I returned home after 3.5 hours to a shining and completely clear bench top and the inside of the cupboards ... Immaculate!

I had been grocery shopping, so began unpacking the bags.

The last thing out of the bag was a bottle of soda water.

The reason that I have this stuff is because a Naturopath in Canberra gave me a special Magnesium mixture that has to be dissolved in flat soda water.

So ... I put the bottle on the sink and twisted the cap.

If I hadn't had a tight grip on the cap, it would have gone flying and the liquid would have hit the ceiling, but because I kept my hand about a foot above the bottle, the liquid hit my hand and sprayed outwardly in all directions!!

It sprayed me.

It sprayed the kitchen floor.

It sprayed the ENTIRE bench top.

It sprayed the sink.

It sprayed the family room floor.

It sprayed my laptop bag and handbag.

All of Adoring Husband's beautiful work, destroyed in a split second!!

So I would just like to thank the (insert appropriate profanity here) who thought it might be fun to shake up the bottle of soda water and put it back on the shelf at the supermarket. You are sooooo freaking funny hey!?

Since I arrived home, my nose began running like a tap. I've used half a box of tissues already. I'm diffusing 'Easy Air' (which is a do TERRA product) with La Reve Frankincense oil, eaten pure raw honey, taken a strong dose of Vitamin C, consumed three bottles of filtered water, one glass of strawberry/watermelon/lemon/honey juice (freshly squeezed yesterday) and will dose up on kefir and probiotics before I go to bed.

I wonder if I can beat it by morning?

It's just after 9pm and I'm off to bed right now to sleep the bug away.

Nite all.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Beyond Tired

It's been a big week!

Our first week is done and dusted, although I am very tempted to go to work tomorrow and open the doors for a Saturday morning just to test the waters, but I'll see how I feel in the morning.

It was another successful day today with visits from friends, holiday makers from down south and the yoga ladies.

I met the owners of the building for the first time today and they seem like a nice couple, especially Lady Gaga. The Rooster seemed a little bit cocky but not too bad. He told me to put in a coffee machine and I told him that we weren't allowed to sell food and drink from the shop. His response was "I own the building and I say you CAN!"

Anyway, it was yet another pleasant day spent in our lovely workspace, and there was no visit from The Little Mermaid. I saw her from a distance late this afternoon, but that is all.

My visitors included Tweedle Dee, Maid Marian, Woman of Many Talents (with grandchildren in tow), Arty Farty Queen and Bridging Hippy.

While I was working, Adoring Husband drove into The Bay to pick up my photo prints from Harvey Normans and deliver them to the framing place where they will be fitted with matt board before being displayed in the shop.

He came back to the shop with the chicken that I cooked last night and he'd made a delicious little salad to go with it. We sat together in the shop dining area to eat lunch totally uninterrupted.

Just as I was about to walk out the door to leave work this afternoon, Arty Farty Queen pulled up on her bicycle, so I welcomed her in and turned on the lights to show her around. It was a quick visit and she purchased a gift for a friend before she departed.

I arrived home with plenty of time to make myself acceptable for the Bowl's Club. We had a good crowd there tonight and it was nice to catch up with a few friends who have been away, some out of the country.

After a night where none of us had any luck, AH and I drove the Leggy Blonde and Father UP home before coming home ourselves to make a quick chicken + concoction dinner.

AH went to bed quite early and after about an hour, I had to massage his back because he was in a bit of pain.

Now, I am off to bed because I'm feeling the weight of my week on my very tired shoulders.

Happy first day of Spring!

Nite all.  

Thursday, August 31, 2017


We are winners.

Not only do we have a wonderful workspace to spend time in every day, but each day our customer numbers are increasing and they are loving the stock that we have available!

I almost have enough names to start my first photography course and we are feeling very positive about our future.

It was reported that The Little Mermaid was having a bad day today, but she stayed away from our shop, so it was nice to not have to deal with her struggles for a day. I did speak to her at lunch time and she told me that she was not in a good space and I wished her well. It's tough for her AND for us. She is the only one who can help herself and her issues are complex.

We had a really good day with visitors to the shop and with sales. Visitors from earlier in the week returned, some bringing family and friends with them. So word is spreading and we make sure that everyone feels welcome, and when they show genuine interest, we show them through the shop to the treatment room and the training room.

Adoring Husband and I drove into The Bay straight after work to get a couple of things for the shop and to order prints of some of my photos, which will be displayed on the shop walls. I got a bit carried away with some clothes shopping because there are big sales on at the moment and I bought 4 tops.

It was dark by the time we left for home, which felt really weird because we are never out that late. Our usual routine is to be home and eating dinner at 6pm!

I cooked up some chicken for AH's dinner and he made a salad to go with it. I also baked a chicken so that we would have cold meat for lunch tomorrow. Strawberries were on sale and I bought three punnets so I juiced them with watermelon and mint and raw honey, which was delicious.

It's almost midnight! Time for me to sleep.

Nite all.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


It's already well after 11pm and I need to get to bed.

My body is still adjusting to working life!

We had an amazing day in the shop today.

The Little Mermaid only visited once, and that was to get my postal address so that she can send me postcards from her travels in the boat.

I saw an old local sitting outside the post office this morning and I asked him to tell his wife about our shop and to tell her I'd love to see her. It was only about an hour later that she appeared at the shop and found lots of lovely items to purchase. She had a great time, as did I attempting to add everything up!

We had quite a few customers today and some lovely friends came to visit, as well as some local business owners and other sales people. Everybody commented on the great energy in the shop, which we worked hard to achieve so it's nice to hear those words from so many people.

Stephanie, the Le Reve essential oils lady came to the shop to show us her new products and I've booked a party to be held at the shop on 13th September at 2pm. There is a beautiful new collection of 'Shakra Energy Oils' in a beautiful silver zip up pouch. New candles, perfume and a new scented reed diffuser too.

Early next year, Le Reve are releasing a new range of skincare products which sound fabulous, so we will be keeping in regular contact with Stephanie and one of us may even become a consultant!

I created and ordered a photo book with 40 of my photos to display on the main table in the shop. I'll also have a few of the photos enlarged and printed with matt board frames to hang on the walls.

We hope to finalise the insurance stuff tomorrow too.

Now I'm off to bed!

Nite all.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Feeling the Way

Day two at The Happy Abode was lovely.

We had three brief visits from The Little Mermaid. She may be small but she has a booming voice is a touch intimidating to anyone who doesn't know her. She startled an elderly lady who was in the shop during one of her visits. She claims to be leaving town, so hopefully she will not be a problem in our future!

Three of the ladies visited after they had their coffee at our usual haunt, even though they were supposed to actually have their coffee with us in the shop!

We had fifteen visitors to the shop, another two names for the photography course and we made sales!

I created a notice to put in the local notice board, which will hopefully direct more people to our shop and bring more interest to our workshops and courses.

I attempted to insure the shop, but the man that I needed to speak to was in a meeting and THEN when he finally made contact 3 hours later, he told me that he was retiring but could refer me to somebody else on the Sunshine Coast who could help me. This meant he had to send me an email to which I had to respond with the word 'yes' and then he passes my name on to the new people!

We'll see what happens tomorrow.

I've started to create a photo book to put on the central table, which people can browse through to select photos for purchasing. I'll have a small selection of those photos printed and displayed on the shop walls too.

We need to cover the training room chairs and buy some desks so that the first workshops can go ahead.

I need to create the photography workshop!

So much to do! So little time!

Still loving the space so much :)

It's 11pm and I need sleep.

Nite all.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Done and Dusted

Opening day is done and dusted!

I love being in that space so much. It makes me very happy.

We had a visitor before we even opened the doors this morning. Another business owner dropped by to have a sticky beak before anyone else got through the door, which was kind of uncomfortable because we were madly rushing around trying to tie up loose ends before we opened for business.

At the end of the day, I retraced our steps to count how many people actually came through our doors and we had 22 visitors in six hours.

Unfortunately, one of those visitors was The Little Mermaid, a resident of our town who lives on her boat on the river, but who has many serious problems ranging from drug abuse, alcoholism and mental health issues. She cried a lot and talked nineteen to the dozen about all of her current problems, emptying out her bags onto the floor of the shop and showing me all of her official papers and describing how difficult life is for her.

It was sad and I felt so bad for her. I hugged her before she left the shop and wished her well. She has tried so many different avenues and it seems that a lot of departments and officials have let her down and it's difficult to know how to help her.

I do know that she needs to be heard and I can listen. I also know that our shop is not the place for her to be during her episodes, so I have a plan for her future visits. (My Centrelink experience coming to the fore here!)

We certainly had some interesting characters through the door, including some locals whom I have never set eyes upon before today.

One elderly lady who had some crazy stories to tell and who wants to do both the photography course and the journalling course. I can't wait to hear some more about her life!

There were a few holiday makers who noticed our signs and came to investigate.

Lovely friends dropped in, some with their take away coffee, and some just to wish us luck.

So we had a slow but steady stream of people and in between we got a little bit of work done.

Even though our plan is to work 9 - 3, we didn't leave the shop until after 5pm.

I have a long 'to do' list for tomorrow that's for sure, and we'll be having the girls in for coffee in the morning.

It's 10pm and I need sleep.

Nite all.

This is it!

Tomorrow morning is the moment we've been working towards!

I have to be at the shop by about 7am to clean up the mess around my desk, vacuum the floors and display my silver chains on the timber trees.

I brought my white timber display trees home and painted them teal tonight. It's taken me two hours to give them two coats of chalk paint and I have to seal them before I go to bed. It's already 11.30pm and I desperately need to sleep!

It's been a great day adding the final touches with a little help from Shiny Shonny who joined us for a glass of champagne to celebrate our achievement.

Adoring Husband also came to assist hanging the wall tapestries and the door blind.

There is still much to do in the morning before we open the doors, so I need to sleep ...

Well, I forgot to post this last night! That's how tired and discombobulated I was!

It's now opening day and I am sitting at my desk waiting for customers to walk in ... and we've had quite a few this morning ... but it is very quiet right now.

It's a beautiful day and The Motivator and I are loving our space. It feels lovely to be here and we are very HAPPY!

I will write another post tonight to tell you all about my day.

Morning all.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Two More Sleeps

Just two more sleeps until we open the shop to the public!

Today was full on, pricing stock and working out how to display it all.

Right at this moment in time, the shop is a cross between 'a shambles' and 'a fabulous space' but by Monday morning, it should have all fallen into place perfectly.

It's well after 11pm and we worked for almost ten hours today. No doubt tomorrow will be the same, so I'm off to bed to get some sleep to regenerate and rejuvenate.

There's nothing else to report really.

The same CD played over and over all day and we sang stupidly to most of the songs..

We had a couple of visitors including two happy fur babies that loved to cuddle.

We had an early lunch at 'A Taste of Burrum'  and I had grilled barramundi with salad, which was DELICIOUS!

It was a happy day and we are still enjoying this process!

I'm working on my dream :)

Nite all.